Is This What Kids Want For Christmas?

25 09 2006

I’ll start the letter to Santa:
Please bring preteens everywhere a huge box of school stuff for National No Name-Calling Week, to use in January during that long, tough stretch before Valentines Day. I guess it is hard to keep their boredom, rebellion and rage levels down, waiting for the bus in the dark every morning and not getting home until it’s already dark again, only to start on that mound of homework because school is WORK, and they might as well get used to it!

Christmas gift

No wonder they so often snarl at each other like the family dog under the piano just trying to find a moment of peace.

Here’s a better gift idea that doesn’t come in a $129.95 kit with a “riveting” videotape — don’t use the force of law to cram kids unwillingly into big buses and even bigger common spaces all day everyday, for their whole lives! Thar be alligators and name-calling isn’t the half of it . . .

Maybe it’s not the kids who are misfits at all, but their institutional schools and all those well-meaning schoolfolk (the kind who actually believe name-calling coloring books cure rage and powerlessness?) that misfit them.

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