Letting Go and Letting Good

26 09 2006

Control can be used in education to control oneself rather than the learners.  A fellow mom (can’t English offer us better, than to call moms fellows?) whose provocative posts I once saw often in NHEN’s forum discussions, now sends her practical, plainspeak unschooling ideas untethered into the blogosphere.

SHAY SEABORNE Sept 21 in “House of Tomorrow”

” . . .When writing about my children’s education, I search for that anecdotal evidence that learning happens—a task that is frustrated by my daughters’ need for privacy, for their need of identities separate from my own.

Therefore, I am making the conscious choice to back off, to allow them to just be who they are. After learning from them for sixteen years, I have finally dropped the idea that I need to examine and explain these girls, and let go of the idea that I must hold them up as proof that I made the right educational choices for them.

At last, I can allow each of them complete freedom in building her own ‘house of tomorrow.’



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