A Mesmerizing Thought . . .

28 09 2006

I’m having fun here at wordpress.com because your chosen categories subscribe you to cool posts by “tag” that you’d never find or even know about, otherwise. Just saw this for instance from The Monochromatic Knight:

I’m not really interested in advocating mesmerism since it’s mostly nonsense but it did have a very curious affect on society leading up to the French Revolution.. .
In the end it wasn’t mesmerism which played a role in the French revolution as much as it was the idea of the French establishment acting against the interest of its people.
According to a recent poll, over a third of US citizens believe the government was involved with the attacks on 9/11.
Just a thought…

“Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted”

mesmerizing illustration



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28 09 2006

And then there’s supposedly intelligent design —

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