Defining Disgust

5 10 2006

And now for something completely different: What makes foods disgusting?

So I’m designing a study in my head to parse disgust factors in SCHOOL. Has anyone already nailed this down? – there’s my homework.

Also thinking about disgust in politics other than education and family politics, if there’s any such thing. Which creepy Congressman disgusts us more, and why, on a precise 12-point scale?

(Hopefully not including smell as this study does!)

If you don’t follow the link too close to mealtime, I predict Cognitive Daily’s discussion will not disgust . . .



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5 10 2006

We once considered a sort of multivariate analysis to define homeschooling, in NHEN’s legislative forum, . Some 12-point definition of disgust factors rather than a binary this-or-that, might help distinguish “home education” factors from School then? A legalistic definition doesn’t fit it any better than it would fit “disgust.” Intelligently designed definition of learning outside the box? 😉
And here’s another “school is to food” connection I dug up at NHEN:

Sorry. Your Eating Disorder Doesn’t Meet Our Criteria!
For years, doctors have been relying on a vague
nondiagnosis known by the acronym Ednos: eating disorder not otherwise specified.

Without seriously suggesting that home education be termed ENOS — Education Not Otherwise Specified — the virtue of such as acronym might be to clarify that homeschooling is a nondiagnosis, needing no treatment and reaching beyond legal definition or professional control. . .

5 10 2006

And there was this, not food but at least it’s science:

The Power of Story in this for me was the FAA reaching out to recognize and honor the human spirit that binds us,
rather than the letter of a definition that they could have tried to hoard for their own interests.

Now Earning Wings, a New Kind of Astronaut
SpaceShipOne’s pilot received a new honor: commercial
astronaut wings awarded by the Federal Aviation
Administration for those who fly more than 50 miles above

5 10 2006

Intense discussion about all sorts of political, legal, parenting and citizenship factors that define-delineate public schools and home education, and everything in between . . .this is not your father’s Funk and Wagnell!

5 10 2006

I remember a dissertation done by a district school administrator here, on factors that caused people to leave public schooling for homeschooling. It wasn’t exactly to define “disgust factors” but it’s a place to start — as I recall, he found that the most successful and lifestyle-constant home education families were not doing it because they felt pushed out of School by disgust or anything else. They were positively attracted to home education.

Wonder if that same idea works in food disgust, that foodlovers are just crazy about their favorites but not because they are disgusted by most other foods?

It would make sense if people who LIKED food generally and were disgusted by very little, also were capable of the greatest food passions (think Anthony Bourdain who eats everything!) and the same with learning, that people attracted to all kinds of learning will be the most successful at enjoying a learning lifestyle no matter what varieties turn out to be their most favorite?

5 10 2006

As applied to politics, this works too – because I am so disgusted by most of it, I don’t like any of it much, even when I do settle and sort of suck it up.

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