Rankings Are In – Religion Beats Regulation

8 10 2006

And either way, the individual’s free will loses.

What does the Old North Church symbolize, merely freedom of religion or freedom from religion too?

When religion wins over regulation, is it an automatic victory for social and moral “good” over “evil” or maybe not so much anymore?– I’m noticing cases that don’t look like private freedom from public control as much as shifting dominance between the usual players atop the Control Poll ranking.

I see little to champion between losing my free will in the name of God’s Law or Government’s Law.

We who home-educate as part of our rightful sovereignty as private citizens, believing we’re free not only from allegiance to either party but from control by either Church OR State, never mind School, have the toughest row to hoe imo. So whose side are you on as a citizen, between Government’s Law and God’s Law? Are we all gonna be forced to pick a side or perish as Revelations prophesize, and is that time approaching?

Valerie who blogs for Home Education Magazine surprised herself (and Daryl!) by asking herself this question, after seeing the new Army-of-God movie Jesus Camp. Lawyer and homeschool dad Scott Somerville, recently of HSLDA, is blogging here about pro-life lessons for the next generation. Sam Harris, author of “The End of Faith” and “Letter to a Christian Nation” says history’s answer is clear and America had better learn the lesson and teach it to our young quickly, or

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