Learning Research That Works Wherever Kids Are

9 10 2006

A homeschool mom-blogger linked at Daryl’s wonders about a Washington Times columnist’s quote:

“The research shows that the closer an education method resembles a home school, the better the results.”
Does anyone know what research he is referring to? Or what sort of “results” were measured?

No, I don’t really know. I do know Linda Dobson published a whole book on this theme though, and I know that public school reform has recently adopted “rigor, relevance and relationships” as the modern learning mantra. It’s all over the place but here is Cisco’s version.

What learning environments can possibly ooze more rigor, relevance and relationships than home education with smart, loving, committed families?? 🙂

And there’s a forum topic at NHEN to consider this question, “Homeschooling Changing Schools Rather Than the Other Way Around?” with a variety of similar research-proven connections, like small groups or one-to-one attention, individualized instruction, and so forth . . .

Legislators Do Science

9 10 2006

This one got a chuckle out of me. 🙂

It’s not too long. Go ahead and read to the punch line!