Has He Lost His Mind?

11 10 2006

“Gentle places for learning???”

Conference Addresses School Shootings
Bush Urges Programs To Prevent Violence
By Katherine Shaver
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 11, 2006; A03

President Bush said at a conference of school officials, police officers and youth advocates yesterday that communities need a list of “best practices” to prevent and respond to the kinds of school attacks that have occurred in recent weeks.

“In many ways, I’m sorry we’re having this meeting,” Bush told about 350 people at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase. “In other ways, we know how important it is that we’re having this meeting.”

Bush said he was “troubled” by the recent school shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. “All of us in this country want our classrooms to be gentle places for learning,” he said.

. . .

Has he seen, or even heard, of kids throwing up on tests? Does he know nothing about school crowding, bullying, teacher-encouraged cheating, men with boards, impoverished neighborhoods with schools that don’t have the very basic supplies, etc., etc.

Gentle places of learning, indeed! What planet is this man living on?



2 responses

11 10 2006

And the Halls of Government certainly have proven not to be “gentle places of learning!”

What “gentle” do the pages and interns “learn” in legislatures and Congress and the White House — sex, lies and videotape lessons needn’t be sponsored by government– and what about the young boy’s government boot camp death in Florida last year(covered up too, by law enforcement and medical personnel we should have been able to trust more than partisan politicians, but were not.)

And Florida is the worldwide Home of the Molesting Frustrated Beauty Queen school teacher, isn’t it? Fully certified, paid by taxpayers, protected by unions . . .
The real issue is how to change it. We all miss the mark (not just politicians) if we focus on the details of how we mistreat and misteach our kids in any particular cultural place.

We’re doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, not just doing the right things badly.

11 10 2006

OVERHEARD on Pam and Sandra’s Unschooling list:

“Have you
considered the school term security? In that genre there’s video camera, security guards, metal detectors, etc.

And isn’t it interesting that in pyschology, the word “security” means something other than those scary images of armed guards and whatnot.
An unschooled child has the security of being surrounded by loving family in a supportive environment.

If all children had that kind of security, perhaps we wouldnt need the kind of security the schools are implementing now.”

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