More Swinging From the Chandeliers

11 10 2006

From the ‘All Things Considered’ archives, Nov. 25, 1991.
Jon Carroll: Watching a Daughter Fly By

She’s a trapeze artist who leaves him in awe and certainly didn’t learn it from Dad.
His new piece about his granddaughter, “Failure Is a Good Thing” is audio-linked there too; here’s an excerpt:

October 9, 2006 Last week, my granddaughter started kindergarten, and, as is conventional, I wished her success. I was lying. What I actually wish for her is failure. I believe in the power of failure. . .

Failure is how we learn. I have been told of an African phrase describing a good cook as “she who has broken many pots.”

If you’ve spent enough time in the kitchen to have broken a lot of pots, probably you know a fair amount about cooking. I once had a late dinner with a group of chefs, and they spent time comparing knife wounds and burn scars. They knew how much credibility their failures gave them…

So much learning power in taking chances, getting messy and making mistakes. . .

And don’t forget this is a DAD (not some lily-livered mom) admiring girls who choose to do hard things well and with personal passion. See NHEN’s Dad Essays collected here.



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31 10 2006
UnSchool Gospel for Christian Dads « Cocking A Snook!

[…] These parables offer more than that, by integrating Magic School Bus with Divine Miracle — humans take chances, get messy, and make mistakes traveling toward enlightenment. […]

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