Playful Parent Resources

14 10 2006

Snook links “Joyfully Rejoycing” for the same good reasons that the Natural Child Project names her site Resource of the Month.

Play is serious news again, say medical and cognitive child specialists. Joyce as an unschooling advisor is right there with them, with links like “All They Want to Do Is Play”:

So instead of seeing your 12 year old “only” reading graphic novels, celebrate that as a genuine valid interest.

If you liked a window box of herbs you grew, wouldn’t it feel better if your husband reacted with “That’s cool! I’m glad you’re able to do something that you enjoy,” rather than “It’s just a couple of plants but hopefully one day she’ll be interested enough to grow a whole vegetable garden.”

herbs in window box

Even if he never said anything, his attitude would be there, creating a wall between you.