Students Who Care Enough to Engage

21 10 2006

“It’s difficult juggling different things,” [the student activist] said, but “you can find a way for your passions.

Favorite Daughter came home from college classes Tuesday laughing about a display booth in the student union that seemed to be selling “Crist for Governor” bumper stickers. She got closer to check it out, and realized that what was being sold were Krispy Kreme doughnuts, in boxes that had been altered with the campaign bumper stickers to read, “Cristy Kreme” doughnuts. Murky power of story, no idea what it means — except that the students were having a great time! — but there it is FWIW . . .

krispy kreme doughnut logo



One response

23 10 2006

Looks like the President of Duke U. and I are two great minds thinking alike!

Richard H. Brodhead wrote this for WaPo’s Labor Day:

“In particular, we need to promote everything in our system that breeds initiative, independence, resourcefulness and collaboration. . .
At an even more basic level, we must build on a system whose founding values are very different from respect for authority. When we touch off real debate on serious, open questions and encourage students to have worthwhile thoughts of their own, we are developing an asset of the highest strategic as well as personal value: the habits of active, independent thought.

There is no shortcut solution for the problem of education.
Rather, it will be the one that asks, in the deepest way, what education is for and what human traits it is meant to foster.”

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