A Thousand Points of Light

23 10 2006

The next Thinking Visitor to Snook will be our landmark one-thousandth! (Maybe it’s you even as you’re reading this, seeing yourself looking at yourself, kinda like one of those infinite optical illusions?)


They might need to read the libel law if they can’t be bothered to understand the copyright provisions for fair use without seeking permission. . .Yes, that gorgeous image previously included here from FRACTALUS.com was fair use for educational purposes by this personal blog (with no ads or revenue of any kind) but was automatically labeled theft by whatever tech-voodoo they are shooting up the Internets with to scare the townfolk, an accusation published without even contacting us (willful disregard for the truth is a phrase they might want to get familiar with if this is their usual method of responding to those who admire and comment on their work.)

It’s more exciting than watching my odometer roll over from 99,999 as it did last summer, because:

a) it doesn’t mean the blog is about to fall apart out from under me at obscene cost to replace (does it??) and,

b) was lost dealing with the theft charge published above and that fun moment I was having with the blog statistics is long gone anyway, so it’s just as well.

hubbel lights

Good thing Scott is here though, as my libel-defamation expert — what about publishing theft charges without sufficient legal basis under the law? (Feel free to write me privately with details.)



3 responses

23 10 2006
Scott W. Somerville

Was it me? Was it me?

23 10 2006

I hope you mean were you the landmark point of light, and not the landmark dad??

23 10 2006

Well, if by chance it actually were your magic visit Scott, that put us over the top, we’ll have to celebrate and move on — we’re already pushing 1100, busy day! 🙂

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