My Star Wars Savvy Son Takes Our Political Pulse

23 10 2006

So I’m flipping around the cable news channels as my 11-year-old son and I are playing chess in the kitchen, waiting for the rest of our little family to get home from the dance studio for supper. I switch from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, and he remarks that O’Reilly sounds like Rush Limbaugh, who we sometimes hear on the radio in the car. Yes, I say, they do sound alike. I like to hear lots of different voices and ideas, which is why I keep switching around.

This is a child who embraces Stephen Colbert in the same spirit he memorizes Monty Python reruns. I assumed the politics were mostly over his head, so he surprised me tonight when he decided to say something about it all, pretty much for the first time ever.

“They are all the Empire, you know.”

“Huh?” – sorry to say I am not always so profound as I can seem online! 🙂

“You probably don’t need to listen to all the different ones because they are all the Empire. . . what we really need is a Rebellion.”

Chewie and Family

Flabbergasted doesn’t even come close!



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24 10 2006

Hi Laura, nice to know someone else is still awake. 🙂

24 10 2006
Sounds Like Political Theatre to Me « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Something else just occurred to me about this, that might be relevant to understanding how kids learn about their own freedoms and acting politically to protect them — read the post again and notice how tuned in my son is to “sounds.” […]

27 12 2006
“Sound Is My Servant” « Cocking A Snook!

[…] I think Favorite Daughter learns from sounds more than I do. But we noticed when Young Son was a toddler that his ears are his supercharged learning tool–he’s an uncanny mimic and recites completely (including inflection, instrumentation and sound effects!) after only one or two exposures to something he particularly enjoys hearing. […]

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