“I Can’t Hear You, LALALALA!”

24 10 2006

Favorite Daughter just posted a day-in-the-life parody of her first job at her first blog. Thinking Parents might laugh, maybe a lot.

I recommend it here though, for its power of story about unintended lessons, and also because it happens to fit my “sounds as story” theme today. It’s about real world sounds overheard by captive young people dutifully trying to stay on task in a small room together (not school but an office, though the parallel power of story is striking) and what they privately learn from these public dialogues of random parents and children, teachers, and other strangers on business in their lobby.

From “I Can’t Hear You, LALALALA!”

I can’t help but listen, when it’s late afternoon on a slow day, shuffling papers provides only so much distraction from the endless litany of psychosis sitting what must be a mere four feet away. . .hands over ears

It’s lightly fictionalized, but I affirm that it does come from her real unschooling life. Like Dave Barry, she is not making this up! 🙂



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27 10 2006

Scott said nice stuff about our kids (being more astute and interesting than we are!)
I replied in part:

BTW, her college English prof is delighted by her, using her as a prime example to all his regular-age, regularly schooled students and also to his colleagues at conferences, of how “unschooling” can lead to better scholastic performance than years of standardized teaching and testing. I promise to get around to writing more on THAT topic soon, myself.”

21 11 2006

I heard loud and graphic lobby chitchat about killing kittens last week, between two women with children in tow, a nine-year-old boy and a girl perhaps 12 or 13. The context was to agree how awful it was to abandon puppies and kittens, and to describe animals they had rescued (newborn kittens so near death that insects covered them) but then taken to the shelter despite distressing their own kids — they did it with such relish, feeding on each other, that it sounded wildly inappropriate and had the opposite effect of the intent their words expressed. I had no children with me, thank goodness!

27 12 2006
“Sound Is My Servant” « Cocking A Snook!

[…] I think Favorite Daughter learns from sounds more than I do. But we noticed when Young Son was a toddler that his ears are his supercharged learning tool–he’s an uncanny mimic and recites completely (including inflection, instrumentation and sound effects!) after only one or two exposures to something he particularly enjoys hearing. […]

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