Mindless Eating Hits the Stands

25 10 2006

Snook said it was coming and now it’s here, get it while it’s hot and fresh. .

tub of popocrnand leave room for dessert, a hearty dollop of social neuroscience from another new Bantam book to snack on, about why we’d mindlessly eat that stale movie popcorn — its author Daniel Goleman sets out to demonstrate scientifically that our brains are too busy feasting on the biologically dictated emotion of human relationships, to notice or care what we’re stuffing into our digestive systems .

(So I’m suspecting this could explain why unhealthy snacks and food are such a problem at school, that kids notice and care too much about the food. Maybe if emotions, relationships and power of story were as gripping and neuroscientifically satisfying as a movie date, School could feed kids vegetables all day and they’d wolf it right down? More later as I read and ramble on down my neural pathways . . .hey, you got anything I could snack on?)



One response

25 10 2006

Has anyone written the bestseller “Mindless Schooling” yet? No? Shall we? 😉

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