Another Principal

26 10 2006

captpb.jpgproves why Dav Pilkey is so popular — when will the grownups ever learn!



2 responses

26 10 2006

See what happens when you let up on the dress code? All heck breaks loose! :0

Personally, I think the principal has some personal issues if he thinks those costumes were too riske`.

BTW, we’re big Dave Pilkey fans at this house.

Thanks for the laugh.

26 10 2006

How things change! When I did a stint as an elementary school principal 20 years ago, I was the one whose costume pushed the culture envelope, rather than disciplining kids for doing it. That Halloween I dressed in my usual administrator heels and skirted suit, but added a Spuds Mackenzie facemask and fedora hat in my office and around the halls. The kids and I had a great time; they just saw it as a white dog snout and a funny hat on their funny lady principal.

Today I wouldn’t wear a beer character’s mask around kids, probably not even at a neighborhood party much less as a school leader on campus — that playful but culturally loaded choice would’ve made my career a lot shorter if “then” were as culturally and politically fraught as “now.”

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