Could Smart Gas Work on Kids?

26 10 2006

To enjoy a longer, sweeter season in their natural environment,

cushioned from institutional bruising . . .see “Puff the Magic Preservative: Lasting Crunch, If a Bit Less Scent” by David Karp, Oct. 25.

But sigh, most likely another intervention trying to mitigate against the OTHER interventions isn’t the ideal answer, either. Our whole economy of shipping and handling children might need rethinking.

(What glorious aromas and flavors await when we esteem this cherished fruit more highly than the apple, pear and cantaloupe?)


UPDATE One – DO YOU THINK KIDS SPOIL LIKE APPLES? Then read this for an unschooling mom’s version of the Bucket and Dipper Story.

UPDATE Two – It’s the Barrel, Stupid, Not the Apples, aka : “You Can’t Be a Sweet Cucumber in a Pickle Barrel.”



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