Democracy Safe!

2 11 2006

I don’t have a degree in politics 🙂 but don’t you all feel a little bit safer this morning?

You should! I have signed up to be a Poll Watcher.

DH thinks this sounds vaguely dirty. Really I think it sounds pretty boring.

And I received the most enthusiasm when I mentioned I have a station wagon. “Great! Can you deliver signs?” Hmm . . . is it me or my car they love?

So being a Poll Watcher is not the same as a Poll Worker. Those are the folks who check you in and actually do the work of running the polling station, as I understand it. But I get to hang out and report any “events” like people not being allowed to vote, whether they got a provisional ballot, whether they were given directions to the correct precinct if they were in the wrong place, etc.

The kind woman at the Martin County Democratic Party office explained that I should bring a pillow and a book to read as there probably won’t be much to do. And when I get bored with doing nothing inside, I can stand outside and hand out literature and hold signs — all 100 feet from the polling station, of course.

Well, it should be interesting. 🙂


Politics are academic to “UNIQUE DEGREE”

2 11 2006

So the Borg is on the move at my alma mater. Resistance is futile —

Only a handful of universities — George Washington University is best known — offer graduate programs specifically tailored to campaigning. Political professionals often earn degrees in law, statistics or other specialties.

UF’s campaigning degree is distinct in that it combines a grounding in academic theory with practical lessons . . .UF’s 20-year-old program has grown recently from two or three students a year to groups of 10 or more. Graduates and interns are involved in races around the state this campaign season.

”The network keeps growing with every class,” said Jeremy Taylor, a second-year student from Sarasota.