For Less Hostile Cheerleadership, See John Kerry?

4 11 2006

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton scolded students for “embarrassing language” yelled during a home game against Alabama and asked them to use “good judgment” in selecting cheers. . .

Some fans complained about students yelling cheers laced with expletives.

Secret Science of School Success: Parents

4 11 2006

“With its exceptional students, multitude of field trips and fund-raising parents, the New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Math school is widely admired as an oasis in the New York City school system, more like an elite private school than the public school it is.

But the Department of Education says that is precisely the problem, at least when it comes to admissions.

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said the school’s practices were a “stark and different” example of the kind of favoritism that he has been trying to eliminate from the city’s array of coveted schools and gifted programs.

Officials say an examination of the school’s most recent kindergarten admissions documents shows that school officials were looking not only at students’ performance, but also at how involved their parents were likely to be. . .They also said the school improperly screened out some kindergarten applicants instantly based on preschool reports, without allowing them through the normal testing and interview process. They also found that in some cases, the applications of rejected children noted that they had special needs.”