EXCLUSIVE! Watch ‘Hacking Democracy’

6 11 2006

Liza urges everyone to watch this online pronto and then share widely:

Our own Michael is upset that I have published these because he feels they will scare people away from voting. I see the issue differently : Better to go armed with a heavy dose of skepticism and information than to go blinding trusting the current system to protect your right to vote.

What do you think?



2 responses

6 11 2006
Scott W. Somerville

I think the Democrats are suddenly realizing that they’ve relied too heavily on a media that reports all the news they WISH was true. I’ve made some phone calls on behalf of my favorite Senate candidate (Michael Steele of Maryland) and the folks I’ve talked to are getting TONS of “get out the vote” calls. Registered Republicans are getting five or ten phone calls each in these last few hours of the campaign.

The GOP has been planning for this election for a long time, and it hasn’t been by “cheating.” They’ve been working hard, fast, and continuously. The media has done its level best to “tilt” the election by telling Republicans how dispirited they are, how demoralized they are, how divided they are. The media has told Republicans they might as well stay home because the election is already over, for all practical purposes.

The problem is, Republicans stopped listening to the media a long time ago. They know the New York Times isn’t going to say anything positive about the GOP, so they built their own media channels. All that underground media is going full tilt right now–the phone lines are blistering all around you.


When your friends tell you the Republicans cheated, don’t be too quick to believe them.

6 11 2006

I do have to agree, Scott, about the media.

And if it weren’t patently obvious before, the coverage of John Kerry last week made it crystal clear. There is bias and slant, period. It has been ever been thus, since I’ve been able to read anyway. Say a half century?

OTOH, that reality doesn’t mean it might not ALSO be true that there are criminal violations of election law happening. And an excess of Stupid. I know Florida is famous for both! 🙂

To me the real problem is that we can’t trust each other, and stopped listening to each other a long time ago, and seem willing if not eager to cut off our own noses to spite the other guys’ faces. What can be done about THAT is the question I don’t think any election result tomorrow will be able to answer . . .

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