That Dumb Dawg Won’t Hunt

6 11 2006

So the actual argument–of the district’s official “community outreach” counselor??– is that it’s fine for a transfer student to waste two solid YEARS of life and learning, all because her guidance office can’t spare a few hours to do the prescribed curriculum review and individualized placement, that taxpayers already pay handsomely to provide free for any student needing it?

I don’t think that dumb dawg can hunt, not even in Big Blue Massachusetts.

If they seriously mean to make public arguments like this, School is dead-money walking . . .



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7 11 2006

So why not go along?

Your homeschooled child is 16. All the other high school students in his freshman class are 14. Do the math. This kid is going to be Class President! Big Man on Campus! He’s going to ace every class and wow the girls!

Now, when some of the public school Dads figure this out, there may be a raised eyebrow or two. But the school board doesn’t listen to parents, knowing better than they do, so your 20-year-old senior is going to run that high school!


7 11 2006

Or how about several large hsing boys enter high school and try out for the football team? When they are clearly better — they are two years older, say — than the other freshmen players, bumping those younger players to the bench, let’s see how loud somebody squawks.


7 11 2006

Ah, yes – like academic red-shirting! Don’t look now but schooling dads already thought of this, and maybe home-educating dads will catch on soon too.

I remember posting some articles for the PDE list about the recent phenomenon of academic red-shirting, a trend from preschool to high school. Let me poke around and see what I can find easily.

7 11 2006

I even blogged it, I see now, including Newsweek and the Columbia Teachers College review:
“Fanatic Fever Sidelines School Sandbox Set – Stand Up and Holler!”

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