“We’re Gonna TRAIN the Lad!”

13 11 2006

Col. Jessup from Gitmo growls that his Marines “follow orders or people die” until his fatally flawed fanaticism is exposed by a young Navy lawyer, who cleverly observes that if institutional discipline guaranteed safety, then no threat against a disliked misfit in the ranks could possibly happen in the first place. The all-powerful head honcho would order unity and harmony, and that would be that.

Same goes for cultural division and political dissent at School– simply don’t permit it. Shoot to kill, mission accomplished?

Parents to homeschool children after Confederate flag dispute
Junior high refuses to allow flag display by two 13-year-old boys.
Sunday, November 12, 2006

The parents of two 13-year-old boys say they will home-school them after the boys were not allowed to display Confederate flag symbols in school.

Administrators at Harby Junior High in Alvin, southeast of Houston, ordered one boy to remove a Confederate flag from his loose-leaf binder and another to stop wearing a belt buckle that displayed crossed U.S. and Confederate flags.

The boys and their parents filed complaints with school administrators.

In a written answer to the parents’ complaints, Tim Turner, director of administrative services, said, “The display of the confederate flag by students has become culturally divisive and will not be permitted on campus.”

The boys’ parents said they decided to home-school their children after other students threatened them.

Thinking parents who home-educate (for other reasons than honoring a flag) are commenting at Daryl’s. Here are mine so far–

1) I’m interested in what these boys and other students actually learn from all this. That homeschooling is the last refuge of misfits, wackos and social pariahs?

2) It’s an argument for why we all ought to care about public education, for why families like us can opt out but mustn’t be shut out of school policy decisions and civic representation.

3) Shades of my own Southern childhood and it wasn’t the flag then either — it’s the “form over substance” of engineered diversity.

4) Can there really be “free” speech in any such controlled, compulsory place? [do children enlist instead of enroll?]

5) All of the above.



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13 11 2006

No, I’m not on the Aaron Sorkin payroll! (I just realized that I quoted from his West Wing tv series last week, now A Few Good Men.) Might as well mention that teen daughter and I are huge fans of his latest endeavor too, Studio 60, which just got a reprieve to complete its first season. Hope it finds its audience. . .if not, it’s back to the West Wing and Sports Night DVDs for me. 🙂

9 11 2014

And the new (and final) season of his Newsroom starts tonight!

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