WaPo’s Jay Mathews: History of Tests

14 11 2006

Just Whose Idea Was All This Testing?
“. . . [Diane] Ravitch wrote that the advocates of inputs and the champions of outputs “are in constant tension, with first one and then the other gaining brief advantage.”

“How this conflict is resolved,” she wrote, “will determine the future of American education.”

Meanwhile in a parallel (farcical!) universe known as The Sunshine State, very little sun shines to nurture a future for learning that is not circumscribed by standardized testing. Our myopic testing czar refuses to follow convention and resign gracefully for the new governor; instead he continues full-throttle to plot his petty palace intrigues, as if the effect of any education policy on children and their learning (never mind their families and communities) has no value apart from how he can control and manipulate it for personal power and position.

It’s not to make fun of his very real physical vision problems that I make fun of his very real education vision problems. When you can’t even see your own face in the mirror clearly, it would seem, it’s unlikely you can see clearly the millions of little faces on which we write Florida’s future, for good or ill, with our public policy positions today.

If it didn’t matter so much, it wouldn’t matter so much . . . but it does.



3 responses

14 11 2006

Hey, what if we could somehow get Sam Seaborn appointed to replace John Winn? Now THAT dawg’ll hunt!

14 11 2006

Works for me!

Drool!!!! 🙂


19 07 2011
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