Kindergarten Failures Up

4 12 2006

News to make you scrunch your face:

Favorite Daughter has been a big-sister-friend to a dear little girl born five years ago. The mom moved away to another state this past summer to take a new job and remarry, and not surprisingly, put her child in school there. (A school with strict uniforms, from the shopping list before they left town, but that’s another story.)

So Saturday night, the little girl was here visiting to celebrate family birthdays and the holidays, and Favorite Daughter was invited. She spent most of the evening playing table games in the restaurant with this wonderful child she’s been missing, and as they were enjoying each other and being silly, asked her how school was going.

You must know some new stories? No. Well, I thought there were lots of good stories in kindergarten, what do you do there then? This world-weary five-year-old rubs both hands across her scrunched face and says, “Work. We just work all day.”

Favorite Daughter came home indignant — spitting nails would be more accurate.



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5 12 2006

Fantasy play, where children learn to problem-solve, empathize and ask “what if?” is being lost along with free play, especially recess, in the race to teach reading at a younger age.

And these changes are happening despite overwhelming evidence that children need movement and a break from structure.

“We’ve taken away the strengths children bring to kindergarten — wonder, imagination, the opportunity to participate in other children’s dramatic play, to share ideas in the drama — you can’t share ideas on the new math or the sounds of letters,” said teacher and author Vivian Gussin Paley, who argues that all children, regardless of income or experience, possess amazing imaginations, an innate ability teachers can build on through play.

Even backers of direct instruction say good teaching is playful . . .

5 12 2006

Definitely the strength of this marvelous teacher . . .

27 09 2009
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