The Analytical Eye of Fish

7 12 2006

PROFESSOR Stanley Fish takes on moral outrage as Constitutional debate:

I am casting what I hope is an analytical eye on forms of thought and argument that have at times been deployed without sufficient attention to the coherence (or incoherence) of their structure.

. . .I’m not saying here’s where I come down on some issue being debated in the news.

I was not saying, as many wanted me to, that I find Mr. Jeffs’ behavior objectionable. Of what interest could such a declaration possibly be? Should I also come out against stealing from the poor box and mistreating one’s parents?

The title of the column is “Think Again,” not “Be Pious Again.” . . .

UPDATE – The NYT has a bunch of select-only stuff now for subscribers only, like this blog, sorry I forgot.  🙂