Choose to Learn, Learn About Choice

8 12 2006

school and state separation

(JJ’s note – apparently there are almost three times more kids out of public school than there are total public school teachers! This suggests to me we should pay much more attention to the policy and support needs of kids, and a whole lot less to the TEACHERS!)


Please join us in exploring the hope of the future!

Here are some good places to begin your journey and exploration:

Is There a Problem? Examine the evidence. Government schooling is not good for children, families or society.

Is There a Solution? Yes! Lots of solutions! Find the ones that best suit your situation or desire to help.

How Can You Help? Loads of ideas, from simple to more involved, for all who wish to aid the cause of freedom in education.

The Case for Separation. A more in-depth look at the thorny issues surrounding independence.

True Life Stories. Read about people who are practicing freedom now.



And then there’s the Center for Education Reform folks:


Parent power- Center for Education Reform

Changing Laws, Minds and Cultures
To Allow Good Schools to Flourish

The Center for Education Reform (CER) creates opportunities for and challenges obstacles to better education for America’s communities. . .

Start here for a quick rundown on the buzzwords and breakthroughs in schooling and education reform, and what they really mean for you and your child. . .
Who’s In Charge: Sorting out the education establishment: Education is an industry – it has its factory workers and their unions, its managers, its special interests and consumers. Find out who’s calling the shots, and how you can have your say.