Lessons in Ungodly Rivalry

16 12 2006

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix

What if Americans were so polarized that some of us became downright warlike to elect individual darlings from our own tribe, cabal or congregation, the better to claim election results are the will of all the people (or of God) and as such, show something true and powerful for everyone?

You’d get standardized test score rankings, student government and teacher union elections, primary beauty pageants, religious wars and the BCS polls —

And you might get the Wizbang Blog Award race for Best Education Blog of 2006, which ended at midnight as a tight race between a conservative Christian homeschooling mom of six, and two irreverent liberal university blogs.

So what was this blog-election really about?

Was it right versus left wing, or everyday folk versus elitist intellectuals, or homeschoolers versus other education advocates, sacred versus secular, faith versus reason, irony versus piety?

I said I wasn’t going to pander for votes, but we’ve gotten the top two contenders attention. The Professor wants to “crush the homeschoolers” and it is clear from other comments that the educational “elites” don’t like “every day” folks invading their terrain. I guess what’s true in education, is also true in the blogosphere. This isn’t a win for me, but all homeschooling.

Just “rabid acolytes adept at getting out the vote” versus “alums of the same hockey team” (but we’re not bitter, no not us!?)


But is that take on the competition understandable, facing this?

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