This Ticked Me Off

19 12 2006

“There comes a time when you can’t participate in a system that’s harming the children,” said Ohanian, a senior fellow at the Vermont Society for the Study of Education.

OK. It’s a complicated issue. How the NEA or any of us should respond to the NCLB Act and/or fight to “dismantle” it.

You can go read more about it at Susan Ohanian’s site.

Or you can go to the FCAR site and read about the FL monster, the FCAT, and think about voting in a poll about boycotting the test this coming year.

Every state likely has their group grappling with this garbage.

Washington does — it’s calls MothersAgainstWASL. They’ve lawyered up and everything. They spend a lot of time informing parents about opting out of their monster test. An option most states do not have.

But why, why, why does it take us this long? The first day we realized this incessant testing was “harming the children,” that was the day we all needed to stand up, go down to the school and walk our children out.

It’s the time that keeps ticking by that ticks me off. It’s been years — think about the difference between your child at 5 and your child at 9 — that’s how much time he’s had to put up with this garbage!

Or not — some of us are out of the public school system.

But it’s good to see — even if it does annoy me 🙂 — some other folks are looking for the door too. If only temporarily to put a halt to this destructive law!

Who knows — maybe they’ll like the feel of sunshine on their faces.