A Christmas Sch-rooge

21 12 2006

This starts out like Christmas power of story, before we come fearfully to the bah humbug at the end . . .

Except unlike Dickens’ classic cautionary tale, this story cheats the reader. It ends right in the graveyard (of Ideas) , no choices to be made between misery and happiness, no learning or change is possible, no redemption of grinches and sch-rooges to celebrate, no more seasons of hearth and home forTiny Tim — the Crachits must be separated and sent to public schoolwork houses. And then they die.

So perhaps the power of this story is more Milton-esque than Dickensian. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

Bah humbug to this blind beggar. Who btw is a middle school teacher. Of ENGLISH!

This fellow needs Christmas Eve visits from Power of Story Past, Present and Future imo. I’ll take literature and culture the way Favorite Daughter learned it instead. I’ll ring a bell every time an angel like Tiny Tim gets wings to escape the power of idea-impoverished schrooges and their relentlessly joyless workhouses.

Long live unschooling . . .