Making Bad School Worse

28 12 2006

The Education Emperor awaits a whole new wardrobe of fine parade clothes. This time the royal weavers have been commanded to top-stitch school sophistry upon every inch of the stretched, tanned hides of his empire’s best emoters and expressers, the artists and musicians and storytellers of the court.

Accountability testing sure isn’t tailoring talent or vision, and I don’t think I can wave from the curb through one more political parade and politely pretend it’s Education.

UPDATE – okay, this rips it. One urban school district here is selling standardized multiple choice art tests to other districts, so they can jump on the bonus bandwagon, and the linked news story includes questions from it. Read ’em and weep. The last one is (I wish I were making this up) drawn up as one right and three wrong definitions of CREATIVITY!

Creativity is:

A. the same as excellent technique and handling media

B. the same as a person’s style of artwork

C. the combining of three or more different parts of other artists’ work

D. a personal inventiveness regarding the production of a work of art.

Did you guess which answer the test brokers will mark correct, and then were you able to create for yourself the actual correct answer? Skip the test and go create something better to do with your time and talent. And p.s., flunk the item writer in English.



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28 12 2006

Wonder what Emperor Winn would say about THIS?? It’s from Florida’s flagship university, so how can the state’s Commissioner of Education dismiss it and insist art is standard and testable, without endangering his own claim to the education throne?-

Professor White described the relationship between metaphorical synesthetes and the majors they predominantly choose.

“There are a lot more of metaphorical synesthetes who tend to gravitate more toward art departments, literature departments and musical departments.”

Lonsdale, an art history major, said she has never fully understood the meaning behind abstract art.However, she still has a lot of respect for it, she said.

“I don’t know exactly what the artist was thinking or what he was feeling, but he could very well have been experiencing synesthesia and just never said anything.”

28 12 2006
13 09 2007
“EVERYBODY Has an Interesting Education” « Cocking A Snook!

[…] it, and thereby screws up the whole world. This video seems a better lesson in real creativity than whatever School is teaching and testing as “arts education.” Quiz me if you want, nobody made me but I watched it three times. […]

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