About Those Resolutions . . .

29 12 2006

I just took a local community survey about my New Year’s resolutions. There was a multiple choice list of the usual things we all resolve, ways to take better care of ourselves and others, but then the next section was a discrete scale for marking the shortest and longest times I’ve ever “kept” each resolution before “breaking” it. I was annoyed at the feeling that we were assessing my need for remediation and stopped to figure out how to explain why that didn’t fit me, so I could add it as an open-ended comment at survey’s end.

This is what I wrote:

“Keeping” or “breaking” resolutions isn’t the way I look at New Year’s anymore. Making resolutions each year at this time is a sort of consciousness raising for me, a rededication to important things that do need the kind of commmitment almost impossible to sustain without regular rededication and focus.

So by now at 50-something, I think of my own perennial resolutions not as past failures but as dear old friends who I visit and catch up with every year at this time!