Did I Mention GO GATORS???

8 01 2007

Watching now, biting nails and lips and whooping and hollering . . .

Updates as the night wears on, I am worn out already but it’s a nice point to mention my affiliation, since we are up at the end of the first quarter by TWO TOUCHDOWNS and looking good!

Tim Tebow, one of the new Gator stars, was homeschooled in Florida, by the way — and played sports at school under our congenial, nondiscriminatory laws . . .Boyfriend who is a lifelong fan of our bitter in-state rival FSU, where we live, is here with us and he amiably donned my personal 1996 national championship orange and blue jacket for the duration. (Smart boy!) FavD has on my orange satin one, embroidered with Albert on the breast pocket.

UPDATE – the lead is now TWENTY points at the half, unbelievable. I am waiting for the “conventional wisdom” to eat some crow, or gator bait, or whatever . . . okay, the tv commentators have given some (not enough) credit where due, I’ll allow. But don’t think I’m counting my championship before it hatches, I’ve been a Gator fan too long not to know better than that, about 45 years now . . .oh, look, it’s the Pride of the Sunshine marching band! I watched them in person every game for almost 20 years . . . and they’re doing BOOGIE WOOGIE!

UPDATE II – Just sang We Are the Boys as third quarter closed, still 20 points up, so weird!@!!!!!!!!

UPDATE III – it is 11:39 pm. We just scored again and I have lost my voice. I suddenly believe. This is where the danger is . . . but I really am beginning to believe we will make history tonight, with the first ever double national titles at the same time held by the same university. A 27-point lead in the fourth should be good enough? But as DH just reminded me “You can’t celebrate yet” . . .

ADDENDUM – or as the announcer just noted, it would be triple titles this year for Gator Nation – football, basketball, and Dancing with the Stars!

FINAL – what a final. And the ESPN guys just ate the crow and showed the Gators(and the South) the love. It’s been over for 15 minutes and it’s tomorrow already, wonder if it’s safe to celebrate yet? Night all . . .

“EVERYBODY Has an Interesting Education”

8 01 2007

“All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them, pretty ruthlessly. . .Creativity is as important in education these days as literacy and we should treat it with the same status . . .Kids will take a chance. If they don’t know, they’ll have a go! If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original . . .children are born artists (but) we’re educating people OUT of their creative capacities.”

Sir Ken Robinson speaks with a charming accent and some very funny lines — pictures of God, Shakespeare as a child, university professors, musical theatre choreographers as learning-disabled (Gillian isn’t sick, she’s a dancer!”) — adding up to a serious message about how School stigmatizes creative thought and academically standardizes it, and thereby screws up the whole world.
This video seems a better lesson in real creativity than whatever School is teaching and testing as “arts education.” Quiz me if you want, nobody made me but I watched it three times. . . 🙂

(Hat tip to Sandra Dodd)