Just Bought This Book

25 01 2007

…after hearing its author, Chris Hedges on NPR today.

Here’s what Salon.com wrote about the book:

Hedges was part of the New York Times team of reporters that won a 2002 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting about global terrorism.

“>such intimacy with horror, one might expect him to be aloof from the seemingly less urgent cultural disputes that dominate domestic American politics. Yet in the rise of America’s religious right, Hedges senses something akin to the brutal movements he’s spent his life chronicling. The title of his new book speaks for itself: “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.”

Scores of volumes about the religious right have recently been published (one of them, “Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism,” by me), but Hedges’ book is perhaps the most furious and foreboding, all the more so because he knows what fascism looks like.

UPDATE – Daryl at HE&OS echoes Hedges’ point today, that while many are “useful idiots” too blind to see, relatively few evangelicals are true Dominionists (fascist theocratic paternalists out to destroy our culture, capitalism and individual liberty) and what we need to do is unite to expose and expel actual Dominionists as the apocalyptic Taliban terrorists they mean to be. . .



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29 01 2007

Also at NPR is author audio and a hair-raising written excerpt about how dominionists have plotted for decades to effectively twist traditional Christian values into weapons of mass instruction for overthrowing our American culture, economy and systems of governance, from “Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts the Faith and Threatens America” by Randall Balmer.

29 01 2007

What the Christian Right sees when it looks at American history.

By Jeff Sharlet

(Originally published in the December, 2006 issue of Harper’s.)

9 02 2007
Favorite Daughter and Good Riddance « Cocking A Snook!

[…] funny coincidence as I was posting this — author Chris Hedges on the Colbert Report, just said snidely that “being homeschooled is an alternative […]

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