What’s the Matter With THOSE Guys??

1 02 2007

UPDATE – there’s some good stuff in the comments there now, check it out! Hi Nance. 🙂


Today I blog at Culture Kitchen about why my education blogging should be taken seriously, even though I am one of those wacko homeskuler folks . . .

I’ve drawn a couple of dismissive responses here because I am a “homeschooling” parent, as if that were a disqualifier to be taken seriously in mainstream education or progressive discussion of any kind. . .Education as perennial political prey has always been with us. But Education and Schooling rode off in two different directions so long ago that by now, they are strangers unlikely ever to meet up again with common interest. Like, hmmm, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid splitting off from the rest of their gang to confuse and divide the posse tracking them, only to see ALL their pursuers let the rest of the gang ride off without so much as a backward glance of concern.

For my half-century of life, the political posse has been riding hard after Schooling, as if Education weren’t important and could be let go without consequence.

So I don’t hang with the posse any more. To me it’s painfully clear that the posse will never catch education by riding after school.

Public education is so much more than school, and public school is so much less than education. . .

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