“When Reason Leaves the Building”

6 02 2007

From earlier Snook blogging:

re: “Sacred Value Conflict Resolution – When Reason Leaves the Building”

Sacred education values are not limited to Christians or the extreme right. Teacher unions have all sorts of hallowed ground to protect but so do some “secular” homeschool leaders and so-called “support.” And I learned the hard way that some supposedly liberal and libertarian homeschoolers have staked out some of that ground too. . .

You mean to be REALLY independent in your home-education affiliations? Then choose your friends and frame your own principles even more carefully than you choose your enemies and targets. . .I wish someone had given me that advice before I had to learn it the hard way, but OTOH maybe that’s the only way to learn anything that matters, which brings me full-circle to why I see unschooling our own thinking as indivisible from successfully unschooling with children . . .