HUA! Julia Steiny Heard Homeschoolers

11 02 2007

This is for Deanne and Nance, for “freerangelife” and all of us driven crazy by former school board member Julia Steiny’s school-centric view of kids and families over the years, unfortunately right up to and including her column last week as discussed here at Snook.

The good news is, she heard from homeschoolers on that last one — heard, understood AND acknowledged, the military HUA* trifecta — and now she wants to apologize, or explain, or start a dialogue, something less tin-eared than before, anyway! And I intend to take her at her words, which sound pretty darn sincere to me, and that IS a start.


*HUA or HOOAH: “The term is an expression of high morale, confidence, motivation and spirit.”


“Home-schooling: Where Educating
Children Comes First”

Judging by my e-mail, last week’s column offended a
large number of families who teach their children at
home . . .
I apologize for raising their blood pressures . . . This column observes all kinds of kids and programs, but I admit home-schooling gets short shrift.

. . . Ryan is entirely correct that we must stop organizing schooling of all kinds for the benefit of the grownups. The system needs to be turned on its head so the kids and their families come first.

We need to empower all the parents with more options. Including the home-schoolers.

Jeb Will Run, Maybe Soon

11 02 2007

by Bill Cotterell

”Jeb Bush is going to hate this book.”

That’s the opening salvo in a 370-page broadside by a veteran Capitol journalist who is convinced that Florida’s most famous ex-governor wants to be president. In ”JEB: America’s Next Bush,” reporter Shirish Date advances a plausible-on-paper scenario for Florida’s 43rd governor to run for the nation’s highest elective office.

. . .”Charlie can be an absolute menace to Jeb’s future,” Date said as he watched one of his sons practice baseball with a Tallahassee kid league. ”As popular as he is, Charlie is redefining what being a Republican means in Florida, and that shortens Jeb’s window for running. He can’t count on being the Republican name brand for long.”

University of South Florida political science professor Susan MacManus . . . said the author is right about Crist quickly supplanting him as the public face of the Republicans.

”You look at Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All your Republicans in large, diversified states are more moderate now,” she said. ”They’re definitely trying to change the image of the party.”

. . .And besides, Date said, if Bush doesn’t run next year and the Republicans win, he’ll have to wait until 2016. He’ll be 63 then, young by presidential standards, but will have been out of office for 10 years – while the family’s big-donor list will have died off or found other GOP favorites.

”He could be forced to make a serious play next year,” Date said, ”as absurd as that might seem now.”