Left-Over Chinese Fortune Cookie

14 02 2007

So I was checking the chicken as it roasted and putting on the saffron rice, and I was STARVING for something to eat before it would be all ready and my family home again — spotted the last fortune cookie from the other night’s take-out.

Aha! I crumbled it into my mouth, washed it down with a Diet-Sprite and orange juice spritzer (well, and a splash of Canadian Whiskey, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!) and then had to go get my bifocals to read the fortune.

I’ll put it in the comments verbatim, so I can ponder its power of story when I’m not so hungry!

Trigger, RKO and Lysistrata

14 02 2007

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Favorite Daughter’s latest dispatch presents two quirky love poems overflowing with cultural referents that SHE got, but which seemed to go right over the heads of her traditionally schooled classmates.

(So maybe their real world isn’t quite as real a socializing staple as the public keeps pretending to believe it is?)

I found this awesome poet Barbara Hamby. She teaches at my local big-time university, and is coming to speak to my class on Thursday. I’m psyched, as the kids say.