Personal Salvation in Dangerous Times

17 02 2007

Time we learned our lesson?

We who home-educate (no, not home-indoctrinate) are on the whole thoughtful, well-educated and well-engaged advocates of stronger, freer self-government for all. We don’t all start out skilled in that way, but like any schoolful of kids, most of us are capable of learning and growing into bigger, more demanding public roles. Some are quite stunning in their growth!

But a very few –and with insufficient excuse imo– are stunning in their stupidity instead, dullness of thought matched only by sharpness of tongue. Word has it that the extremely rational and well-educated Daryl and Paul both got drawn out of the mainstream last week, sucked into one of these little eddies of Unreason, by the complex and uncertain interplay of public health, parent decision-making, corporate initiative and moral politicking.

The Gardasil vaccine.

I too got sucked in years ago, something purportedly about whether to define homeschooling as being about the money, to keep it from being defined as being about the money (don’t ask!) It could have been anything though. The only true lesson to learn from unreason in any such encounter is that

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