Banging on College Doors With a Number 2 Pencil

21 02 2007

So not only are college leaders perpetually confused about why their institutions exist and what their service to the community is meant to achieve (other than their own self-aggrandizement), but now they can’t even figure out criteria to successfully match students and programs, without continuing to use a standardized commercial system they already know is indefensible? And these are the HIGHER education minds? Heaven help us all.

Nance found this news today:

Questions and topics covered by “College Admission Testing” are some of the most consistent and difficult issues to address in an admission environment in which institutions maintain a commitment to fairness, but which is also fundamentally exclusive at the highest levels.
Dr. Zwick offers provocative assessments of the admission testing landscape:

– “On the one hand, we think [selective admission] ‘has unpleasant connotations of elitism, unfairness, snobbishness and uniformity.’ On the other hand, we ‘laud excellence, recognize its scarcity and utility, and endorse admissions on the basis of merit…'”

– “Testing experts have not been particularly helpful in clarifying the niche that admission tests are intended to fill, and disputes on this point have been prominent in recent debates about the fairness of the SAT.”

– “Despite the fact that these debates are unresolved, SAT and ACT scores continue to be a key factor in admission decisions at most institutions.”

– “The college admission tests of the future … are likely to be more focused on material that is taught in the classroom and on skills that clearly resemble those needed for college study.”



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