Can Parents Trust These Nice Conservative Brothers?

22 02 2007

This is about a young couple who. . .make up a story to tell Susie’s parents.

For their (shuddering as I notice this for the first time) millennium collection!

It’s not just the internet tubes that make my life of the mind so rich. Without my radio, I wouldn’t have nearly as much off-the-wall selective-perception stuff to think about . . .did you know that the dynastic Governing Brothers both have the exact same favorite song?? (WHAT ARE THE ODDS??)

Yes, it’s a highly rated crowd pleaser of a song that has stood the test of time, its power of story about lying to parents and pleasing the country-western crowd, but they are so gosh-darn earnest and church-going and clean-cut about it . . .

So JEB has doffed his official state title and reclaimed his personal three letter nickname. Subliminally this is very presidential, like FDR, JFK, LBJ — hmmm, are there any Republican prez initial triads, can’t think of any except “IKE” which were not initials — and like another music-message-muddled, big-and-tall candidate-man (Dem and four-lettered when three would do, Gore) he reportedly has slimmed down since leaving office. Getting into shape for the next run? Maybe he needs a musical makeover too . . .

JEB said this morning on my radio that he won’t endorse any candidate for 08.
Favorite Daughter just mused that when he was first elected, he made a lasting impression on her by telling our capital city newspaper that his favorite song was “Wake Up Little Susie” — by the Everly Brothers, get it, get it?– which she’d heard me sing with the car radio oldies station many times, to great amusement and cultural commentary. At the time, then, she as a (very) young but bright girl thinking for herself, felt it would be hard to take his governorship seriously after this, as in: he could have said anything at all but he chose THIS, how ridiculous, how simpleminded, whatever possessed him?? But as she got older and watched his draconian school testing policies and infantalizing (if not attempted kidnap?) of Terri Schiavo, tighten their paternalistic grip on her generation, she’s reinterpreted that key impression as revealing not his simplemindedness, but his cynical belief that WE are simpleminded.

Wonder if he’ll take a position on this new political pony being trotted out, to abolish Florida’s property tax?? I can’t wait to hear what they make up to tell the parents. . .

“Wake Up Little Susie” by historian-political art curator Rickie Solinger

This study offers a biting look at unwed pregnancy in the 50s and 60s and the pressure on white women to surrender their children for adoption. A backdrop to modern adoption practices. . .



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22 02 2007

I posted this with slight changes at Culture Kitchen today, too — comments welcome here or there.

24 02 2007

On the upside, I got to explain what “regressive” means to DS yesterday.

But on the “Crist is a Republican but he seems to be doing things that actually help real people” side, what ever happened to the notion of reducing my homeowner’s insurance to an affordable level? Which dwarfs the property taxes we pay!


24 02 2007

Seriously? South Florida (near the shore) must really be getting socked then, compared to up here 90 minutes from the gulf. Our total property taxes are hmmm, almost ten times as much as our homeowners’ insurance. SO we could use the tax relief, I admit, especially since school taxes are a giant chunk of that and we don’t get much say or benefit related to all that.

But that doesn’t make it good public policy, just because it would suit JJ’s pocketbook. 🙂

24 02 2007

Okay, I was figuring last year’s insurance – I think with the latest jack-up it would be about one-fifth of our property taxes, not one-tenth as it was last year.

26 02 2007

Today’s Democrat gives this little vignette from two retirees, that I think points up what’s really up —

Richard Wichman, 76, who bought a house in Palm Bay four years ago, says that trade-off sounds fine to him…
”Push come to shove, I think we’re going to have more income.”

For Wichman, the House plan would allow him to pocket his entire $1,450 yearly property-tax bill. With the higher sales tax, he’d have to buy $58,000 in taxable goods and services to break even.

But Dolores Harvill calls it a plan ”to rob Peter to pay Paul.”

The Rockledge widow of a disabled U.S. Air Force colonel is already exempted from paying any property tax under Florida law giving the break for veterans deemed 100-percent disabled.

”Increasing my sales tax would affect me drastically because they’re trying to recoup what they’re losing from me.”

***** It looks to me as if the Peters who have been paying disproportionately, are ready for someone else to have a turn as Peters, so they can be Pauls — and the Pauls (as one might expect) like redistribution only because they are the receivers rather than the contributors, and thus feel it’s so unfair to resdistribute the redistribution burden. 🙂

28 08 2008
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow « Cocking A Snook!

[…] well, as popular music it beats Wake Up Little Susie! ;D . . .did you know that the dynastic Governing Brothers both have the exact same favorite song?? […]

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