School Socialization: Not Good No Matter How It’s Served

23 02 2007

Living proof that real socialization is served up not by School, but our crass, crazy consumer culture everywhere else . . .

I’ll try to review this new book myself, after Favorite Daughter and I finish gobbling it up and savoring its flavors, but here’s a tasty NPR interview with its author for you to snack on at home right now, just in case you weren’t sufficiently socialized by School to sit quietly and wait your turn to be led to the cafeteria!
And here’s another snack of a socialization idea that belongs on the same tv tray, from my refrigerator raid to yours — Barack Obama, who apparently was *extremely* well socialized by Formal School, right up through Harvard Law to the point that, “His internal rhythm was set to ‘Pomp and Circumstance.’ ” suggests in a profile of Obama that decades of pricey schooling are worthless to acculturate even the most excellent Citizen of School to the real world. He was thoroughly, exhaustively socialized TO school, BY school, FOR school — but not to, by, and for the American people and their culture.

Is it our genuinely uncultured, probably unhealthy but oh-so-tasty, culture that serves up the secret sauce formally schooled immigrants find so tempting?

When as a stiff, pompous and esoteric professor of constitutional law in Chicago, Obama offered himself for public service off-campus, he failed miserably and learned how much he hadn’t learned in school. Heck, even the real-world SCHOOLTEACHERS found him poorly socialized for community leadership:

. . .no one appreciates how hard the man tried to earn his ghetto pass.
At a rally for South Side teachers, held in a dim, tiny nightclub called Honeysuckle’s, Obama lashed out at the critics who were calling him too bright and too white. . .”When Congressman Rush and his allies attack me for going to Harvard and teaching at the University of Chicago, they’re sending a signal to black kids that if you’re well-educated, somehow you’re not ‘keeping it real.'”

The air quotes hung over the silent gathering.

So he reportedly worked very hard educating and socializing himself from scratch to shed all that Schooling, to cultivate universal human connection and policy skills with authentic meaning off campus — so much so that he finally achieved un-school un-success and began to be seen as a “natural.”

Ironic, eh? 🙂

Today he drips with charisma and inspires fawning admiration from all quarters. But Obama began his journey as a [ed. note: PERFECTLY SCHOOL-SOCIALIZED YET] smug young man with little political future.



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6 03 2007
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