Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

27 02 2007

New show with Jeff Foxworthy, on now because Idol ran short I guess.

So I am watching. We are watching, the whole singing, dancing, theatrical family of Idol watchers we are.

What a bizarrely schoolish show concept! The contestant kids even ran into the main set through a sort of hallway with lockers, or cubbies, on the walls of each side.

My unschooled kids age 11 and 16 are watching with great interest, and the first question was “in what month is Columbus Day celebrated?” Both kids just gave me the strangest look like, “huh?” — the dummy adult who looks at least 15 years younger than I (maybe they had dropped Columbus Day out of the curriculum in the 80s?) missed it and guessed September. The kid on his “team” got it right though so he got to go on to the next question.

Now they are doing the first American president to be impeached. The studio kids ALL got it right . . .

The dummy adult went to USC. He has no clue, thinks it might be John Quincy Adams. Even my kids know this is absurd and wrong. He is embarassed for himself and his alma mater, and is “dropping out” of school. Leaving the show in disgrace.

Good call.

I got it right, right off the bat.

My kids think I am a freak. And they are right about THAT! Smart kids.

(Smarter than fifth graders. . .)