Think HSLDA “Owns” Generation Joshua? Think Again

5 03 2007

Barack Obama’s speech-preach moved me Sunday, sent me drifting hazily back through time to the speech-preach life of my smalltown southern past. But when I got there, he was nowhere to be seen and it WAS very clearly the past to me, not the stuff of any sustainable future for our kids and their kids, no matter whose politics would dominate the rest of us with religion in that future:

Looks like this will be an even more uneasy election cycle for me than the last two — and this time not because of far-right Christian activists manipulating lesser-educated minds (always assumed to be headquartered in the South, sigh) with simplistic, storybook preaching to motivate and direct that base straight to the polls like lordly lemmings.

This time I may have to fight the so-called liberals too, those willing to dominate civic and global matters from the pulpit if need be, with an army of God behind them. . .
Obama kept evoking “Generation Joshua” this afternoon, to hallelujahs from the crowd (congregation?) If you’re a secular homeschooler, that’ll send shivers down your spine and if you’re not, let me ‘splain —

There’s a well-financed, evangelical-dominated national organization of lawyers, lobbyists and speakers/advisors in the homeschool movement, known as the HomeSchool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA.) Its heft and heat tend to blot out the sun — with the Son? — in homeschool politics and the public mind. AS if that weren’t plenty of power for me to fret over, in 2003 HSLDA leaders launched a kiddie “education” project aimed at getting conservative Christians to steer children into Republican politics and government at the highest levels.

What did they name it? Generation Joshua. . .