Ye Olde Deluder Satan Wants Our Kids

8 03 2007

Chris O’ODonnell helps inspire Snook’s religious influence theme this week. He found this blogpost, “Beware of Homeschool Demons” calling us to “be realistic about some demons that can appear and hinder or destroy the effectiveness of home education.”

Realism about um, demons — sure, why not? (Let’s get Cav, he hates everything!) The Pope has a honest-to-God demon expeller on staff, right?

So I was pedaling my indoor bike and catching up on my journals and magazines when –I am not making this up! — education demons leapt off the page at me! Satan himself, in fact. (This is Islander Miroslav Satan, though, in Sports Illustrated — the other guy wasn’t available for a photo shoot.)

Islander Miroslav SATAN

Ye Olde Deluder Satan to be precise.

All in the context of explaining how PUBLIC schooling 350 years ago was about driving away demons too, and mostly still is, or should be.

Here are the five home education demons Christian Blogger Dad lists, last to first.
Lack of commitment.
Denial of reality
Lack of accountability
Not enough structure

Compare to the six public education demons listed in the PDK February 07 issue, by professor James H. Nehring:

Lack of commitment (saying yes too much)
Denial of innovations
Top down controls
Too much fear
Too much structure and factory thinking

Sounds to me like Satan and his demons make use of whatever they find lying around, so there’s little hope of salvation in switching places. . .

Identity and Image Woes = Evangelical Cannibalism?

8 03 2007

from the Revealer —
Global warming causes cannibalism in polar
bears, say scientists.

Things are heating up at the National Association
of Evangelicals, too, and Christian conservatives are getting hungry for
their own. Kathryn Joyce explains why and how recent message-management problems could get their government affairs guru sacked, all adding to “growing confusion” about who and what evangelicals are, and what steady diet if any can sustain them:

worse yet than palling around with the liberal media, Cizik may have drank some of their global warming/anti-Christian Kool-Aid:

For example, he granted an interview with Fast Company, dated June, 2006, in which he said “We [proponents of global warming] are the future, and the old guard,” he continued, “is reaching up to grasp its authority back, like a horror movie where a hand comes out of the grave.” To paraphrase, Cizik apparently believes “the old guard” which defends traditional values is like a rotting corpse that will not die. , , ,

Sounds a bit like those self-absorbed sorority image freaks last week, trying desperately to deny and defy changing college cultures and manipulate reality back into the shape their lifeform requires, by cannibalism if necessary? 🙂