News Education To Trust At Last?

9 03 2007

Here’s news about news, that Thinking Parents can use!

It’s a chance to help pioneer “collaborative evaluation methods” and incorporate diverse wisdom from social networks into traditional standards of news. Get your older kids involved for their learning and to help change the world at the same time.

Feel a song coming on, craving a Coke?
[clearing throat] I’d like to teach the world to think, without HE-gem-ON-eeeeeee . . .

And hey, if this networking stuff proves to work as advanced citizenship, maybe it will give us some new models for public education that isn’t public school — public education truly of, by, and for the public.

After all, School sure isn’t getting the job done!
From a law professor-economist-unschooling dad’s “Case for Unschooling”:

“One of the assumptions built into the conventional version of K-12 schooling, private and public, is that there is some subset of human knowledge, large enough to occupy most of twelve years of school, that everyone needs to know. That assumption is false. . .
Judging sources of information on internal evidence is a very important intellectual skill. In the classroom, that skill is anti-taught. The pupil is told things by two authorities–the teacher and the textbook–and his job is to believe what they say. . .”

From Culture Kitchen this morning:

If only there was some kind of news vetting service, someplace where we could go to get news stories that we can safely assume to be trustworthy, because we know that other people with the same cautious criteria to apply have checked them out for us and can vouch for their value. If only there was a reliable source on the web where we knew we could find news we could trust.

If only there was something like NewsTrust. . . Read the rest of this entry »