Legislation So Dumb It Removes All Doubt

10 03 2007

Of course, what do I know?


I know how to make a possessive form from a proper noun than ends in “s” like say, Jess or Missus.

. . .or ARKANSAS!

Put the apostrophe after the “s” and you’re done. And if you don’t have a clue or aren’t completely sure, don’t go around telling people you are. And then people won’t think you dumb. How hard is that?


Or you could open your mouth and remove all doubt.

France has a whole national ministry to “protect” the language from misuse, mockery and general erosion of crispness and correctness. It even approves or disallows names for babies! Hasn’t made them look any smarter than we are, in our our riotous regional difference. In fact, I think it makes France look pretty silly.

But it’s smarter than this. (If Arkansans just HAD to legislate it, at least they could’ve gotten it RIGHT!!!!)

Using and Abusing Kids as Education Politics

10 03 2007

Whether you defend homeschooling or public schooling, no matter what greater good you intend to serve, name-calling and emotional triggers like this just pave a couple more miles of the political highway to Hell.

Robb’s stance sparked criticism from People for Public Schools, an anti-voucher group based in Jefferson City that passed out a couple hundred yard signs in Columbia earlier this week declaring “Rep. Ed Robb Hurts Kids.”