Glenn Beck Talks Homeschooling This Morning

13 03 2007

Besides my usual driving route this morning, I sat in the car awhile getting the oil changed. Switching between NPR and Glenn Beck, I heard him mention homeschooling two different times. Part of his patter for the day I guess. 🙂

His point seemed to be that the stress-and-conflict-crammed institutional culture as kids experience it today in (even a fine public) school is not merely indoctrination and socialization but ASSAULT, on individuality and identity and reason, on judgment, values, manners and relationships, and most of all on childhood, on their time to just be kids, instead of flawed and overladen little adults being whipped into shape, remediated or rehabbed, and left at the mercy of their peers the rest of the time.

He might not have meant it the way I heard it, and he didn’t parse what he meant by “homeschooling” but I found myself nodding along — he said that homeschooled kids do grow up “different” in an indefinable but noticeable — maybe more quietly confident?–way, that you can pick them out of a group of well-educated “schooled” kids because of it.



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19 03 2009

This is what Glenn actually said about HS…


19 03 2009

Okay, I checked it out. It’s from a year after I posted the above, but the same anti-social paranoia comes through. Wish he’d shut up about homeschooling, if he really wants to help the public understand it and keep it free, rather than fearing it as Loony Land.

I say the parent who home educates their kid is a saint. This is a move that should scare anybody who knows anything at all about history and the history of Progressives. Three-judge panel in California ruled that it is the state, not the parent who has the ultimate decision making power when it comes to how any child will be taught. Well, you know what other state did that? The Soviet state. The German state. The Italian state. The Nazis, the communists, they recognized right off the bat: You control education, you can control the future. Leaders of the Nazi party from the very beginning stressed the primary importance of education in popularizing the new state, in creating habits and attitudes conductive of, quote, loyalty to the state. They asked the minister of education in Nazi, Germany. He admitted, quote: The whole function of education is to create a Nazi, end quote. Now, that’s clearly, we’re not trying to create Nazis here in America but we are trying to — we are doing our damnedest to promote somebody who understands world government. The United Nations, how great it is. How great Progressives are. That’s fantastic. How bad our founding fathers are. What a racist country we are. We’re doing our damnedest to create the idea that the new deal saved the country. This is fantastic!

Did you read about George Bush? He’s evil. But Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton! Karl Marx said in his manifesto, free education for all children in public schools. One sentence later he added an education should be combined with industrial production. Why turn the youth into assets for the state? He said it was the intention to destroy the most hallowed of relations and have it replaced with education by the social classes of government. This was necessary to Marx, to destroy the most important, most hallowed of relations and that is the relations of the parent, replace them with the relations of the state.

Not on my watch. Come take my kids right after you get my gun.

He went to high school and became an alcoholic, screwed up with his older child as he puts it, converted to a religion that stretches the academic credulity even of mainstream Christians and is only homeschooling a new son so young I don’t think he’s school-aged yet even. I went to grad school, earned a bachelor’s in news-ed journalism and doctorate in education policy, became an education legislative and public liaison rather than an alcoholic, and have just happily homeschooled an 18-year-old into her junior year of college. I know more about education including home education, government policy and politics than he does.

Beck in his own words is a sick, twisted freak, a radio personality cleverly preaching personal disaffection with the system as true patriotism, in rants that like Palin’s attack the civil rights of other Americans and can verge on incitement and libel (against Michael Schiavo for instance) all while profiting from personal bias dressed up in bunting as American principles, making an obscene amount of money for derogating the national dialogue while contributing nothing of value except (presumably) the taxes he pays. So your point is?

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