Stephen Hawking Is a Fun Guy

23 03 2007


Q: Do you think Einstein would have done “The Simpsons”?

A: I think Einstein had a sense of fun.

Stephen Hawking in a Seattle Times interview published today

Science: How the Thinking Parent Experiences Risk

23 03 2007

Nance and I have been over at Greg Laden’s blog a few times this week because of home education, but science is the main thing there, it seems. The tagline is “Evolution: not just a theory anymore” and so I figured education and evolution together were reason enough to link his place on the Snook roll for handy visiting.

Here’s something from his front page earbox today, via Wired News: Read the rest of this entry »

There’s Been Some Homeschool Talk . . .

23 03 2007

about matters of ultimate concern (to quote Scott Somerville) again online, thanks to that wascally wabbity not-a-homeschool-blogger Chris O’Donnell — you know, the horseschooling dad and Red Sox fan? This time he found a real pip of a homeschool discussion. Nance splashed into the main pool with a cannonball here. I inched into the inviting spa waters here.

True, no one form of schooling is perfect. But this engaged, eclectic, experimental approach to parenting each child’s best possible personal education (as detailed above) comes close!

We’ve passed through similar stages in our often surprising learning together. I should probably update this pre-blog diary, now that our kindergarten daughter who wouldn’t nap because she wanted storytime all day, is turning 17 and enjoying college power of story — English, literature, theatre — so much. )