Here’s the REAL Concern If We’re Smart

30 03 2007

Yet another reason why the vague yet closely clutched “concerns” of random elitist university researchers and regulatory advocates (who aren’t the parents of MY kids) are of greater concern to Thinking Parents and Citizens, than are whatever words public charters put in their ads and program descriptions . . .

This educational research was high-minded, meant to help children generally with speech problems. Whether it contributed anything to that goal is debatable, but it did apparently harm, not help, the specific children it involved. Children who — talk about Power of Story! — literally had no chance for any form of parent-directed or parent-protected education, because they were orphans.

Where is the accountability for what was taught and learned in this “story?” The radio says orphans often were used by this university for such human experiments, precisely because there were no parents taking primary responsibility for the best interests of each specific child, as opposed to this generalized “whatever is for the social good and the benefit of my own reputation and/or guilt assuage” approach to working with children.

I’m not sure how far working with children has come since 1939. . .

Thanks to Ben in Indiana, also Betty Malone and Jane Casey there, for respecting this concern enough to help publish this essay originally and to leave it up to the present, where newly inclined busybodies can read it and perhaps stop themselves — for the good of the kids of course.



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31 03 2007
Greg Laden

Thanks for the link! I do hope that actual Independent and Irreverent Thinking Parents Taking On the Universe read my site rather than taking your word for it!

31 03 2007

That’s the idea. 🙂

31 03 2007
5 04 2007

From Culture’s Kitchen discussion of Favorite Daughter’s olive oil labeling essay

Margaret writes:
And now many are in the political process. So I’m going to be watching what they do. And they’d better not try to pit one American against another. That is probably the most hazardous thing which could bring down the security of what is now known as our homeland.

JJ responds:
Margaret’s caution against “pitting” reminded me of olives again, which brought me back around to the title of this essay, where I connected it to the word “label.”

Labels pit us against one another, don’t they?

Well-meaning or useful though labels can be, pitting us against each other IS something they do, an effect they often create and/or magnify. And not just sex-gender labels (despite one wacko mommy-hater troll–yes, that’s a label– twisting the point into reverse sex perversion or some such.)

By the time we set to fighting one another about how to label –or NOT label — each other, we’re deep into the pit already and the sides are so smooth and steep that we’re not likely to climb out absent help from the outside.
Which alas, isn’t likely if we were tossed in there for the sport of it by hovering baiters in the first place.

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