Half-Fish, Half Black Homeschool Princess?

31 03 2007

It makes a difference who you are — and whoever gets to create your character.

Favorite Daughter defines herself as her own reflection, says she has a “Disney Princess Complex.”

But I don’t think this fake news videoclip of “Frog Princess” is quite what she had in mind, guess homeschool princesses better be careful what we wish for and who gets to grant it. Anybody for popcorn? —

Thanks Ample Sanity!

31 03 2007

A very third-millennium blog find for Snookering —


WordArt. Scarabokkio Freebies. Cocking A Snook. Stripe Generator.
. . . Way harsh, dude!

For a s-ample of the in-s-anity, check out this calendar of events.  
(Today is National Clams of the Halfshell Day. )