Half-Fish, Half Black Homeschool Princess?

31 03 2007

It makes a difference who you are — and whoever gets to create your character.

Favorite Daughter defines herself as her own reflection, says she has a “Disney Princess Complex.”

But I don’t think this fake news videoclip of “Frog Princess” is quite what she had in mind, guess homeschool princesses better be careful what we wish for and who gets to grant it. Anybody for popcorn? —



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31 03 2007

Just remembered the remake of “A Little Princess” where Sara stands up against her soul-impoverished schoolmarmish oppressor and shouts with conviction: “We’re ALL princesses, every girl is! Didn’t your father ever tell you that??”

Capt. Crewe: You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.
Sara Crewe: What do you believe?
Capt. Crewe: I believe that you are… and always will be… my little princess.

1 04 2007

I “totally” enjoyed your daughter’s blog and the John Stewart clip (and the one following that 😉 . This is “totally” off-topic, but I’ve been meaning to mention for a while that I really like your banner pic with all the food art! 🙂 Thanks for continuing to entertain and at time, strain, my brain. LOL

1 04 2007

Hi Deanne, not off-topic at all, I’m so glad you “got” that it was FOOD art! Talk about blurring definitions, isn’t this a great example of how hard it is to categorize things as either-or?
It is completely real as both food and art, maybe as power of story too, if I wanted to wax polemic . . .
(Try to stop me!) 🙂

Favorite Daughter took this photo while on a creative and educational journey (she was performing by choice with her not-school dance company on a Florida cruise ship, and this was the buffet display one night) Very real world and yet completely unreal, a suspension of regular expectations and norms and definitions and government, a dream fantasy away from home where she literally left American soil but didn’t go to some other country!– she was not in any nation at the time. Of course it’s also a hard-nosed business with all sorts of rules to follow, with deadly serious purpose. Cruise ships even have their own little police force now, and sometimes killer epidemic outbreaks, etc. Also there was a big hurricane coming up towards the east coast that week; I was a basket case worrying (until someone observed that cruise ships can move out of the way and cities can’t, so actually she was SAFER there than if she’d been land-based and gridlocked.)
One could of course enjoy this creative buffet greatly without touching it or eating a bite. Or you could serve yourself as much as you pleased and finish it, or not. And while it isn’t “fake” food at all — it’s perfectly real and edible — it defies our expectations in a fun and funny, creative and unusual way. You might say the chef was cocking his snook at convention? 🙂

1 04 2007

Oh and on the topic of movies that technically are NOT about any kind of schooling but really are great unschooling messages! 🙂

Or to be more clear but less precise I should say, movies about learning to define yourself and your own creative power in the world, instead of any organized institution (church or school) conspiring with society to standardize individuals the better to keep them under control–
Dance movies are especially good at this, it seems to me.

Strictly Ballroom
Shall We Dance?

1 04 2007

ABout the second part of the clip – no kidding, isn’t this stuff riveting??
Nance and I discovered the author at edge.org. He’s the “bad barrel” expert we studied, trying to understand the Lucifer Effect in homeschool and online groups, as soon as even normal, nice individuals are emboldened to gang up and purposely dominate other humans — how irrational and unhealthy that kind of power over others is, for everyone involved.

I read about the Milgram shock experiments in school, but I really made the research part of my own power of story when I read it as an unschooling mom in a wonderful IMO, very personal power of story (not technical and some even say, full of lies!) book by Lauren Slater called Opening Skinner’s Box. One of Skinner’s daughters attacks the author rather oddly here. I think the controversy just makes the whole story more complex and fascinating.

Whatever the incontrovertible facts about Skinner “caging” his baby daughter might be, they are far from “the whole truth” and the meaning of these stories. I don’t think either one of these grown women is anyone other than a unique individual with her OWN story about the meaning of Skinnerian psychology. One is in fact both psychologist and psychiatric patient, the other woman is neither. The second woman’s claim to credibility is that she was “there” — too young to remember or understand at the time though. Like Harry Potter as a baby, her meanings have to be pieced together from the accounts of others self-serving or not, and some meanings can never be known for sure.

(Not that I confuse fictional and real characters but OTOH see Stephen Foster and Uncle Ben.)

I think the Milgram lessons and this Lucifer Effect from Zimbardo’s new book apply directly to society’s struggles to make compulsory Institutional School something it cannot be — healthy for living creatures! It almost (not quite) makes me want to go back to public education policy professionally, for the sole purpose of leading the charge to tell that story and teach people to understand school through this extremely powerful frame.

3 04 2007

“It almost (not quite) makes me want to go back to public education policy professionally, for the sole purpose of leading the charge to tell that story and teach people to understand school through this extremely powerful frame.”

What would it take to convince you? But really, how can you “teach” people who don’t want to learn, who are so invested in their way of thinking? The information is already out there for all who are ready and willing to take it.

As for the food art, I couldn’t help but notice, DH is a pastry chef so I’ve come to appreciate the “fine art of food” for quite some time. LOL

3 04 2007

How? Good question! Why we blog no doubt . . .

29 05 2007
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27 09 2009

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